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Välkommen till Malmös underbara Blood Bowl värld. Kom med och lira du också. Såväl erfarna spelare som nybörjare är lika välkomna. Vi kan också hjälpa till att skaka fram figurer åt den som vill prova på.

Framför dig på skärmen bevittnar du BBL, sidan som är vårt verktyg för att driva vår liga. Reglerna är enligt senaste versionen från GW BB2020 Second Season med expansioner (och vissa husregler såklart).

Kort sagt, skynda in och registrera dig, leta rätt på ditt favoritlag, hitta dina bästa tärningar och börja ditt nya 'Blood Bowl Liv' - för här i Malmö med omnejd finns det alltid någon att spela detta fantastiska brädspel med. Oavsett om det är en stenhård kamp i en tävlingsmatch eller bara en soft och chill vänskapsmatch! Cheers!!!

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Feb. 29th, 2024 - old news
Lord Nuffle is waiting!
Glöm inte att anmäla er!

Sista anmälningsdag 3/3. Lottning 6/3. Kickoff 9/3

Malmö Bloodbowl Leagues kommision
- chgadd
Feb. 27th, 2024 - old news
Heeeeey and helloooo bloodsport fans!

Season 6 is about to start and with it a lot of great action.
For this time Nuffle is playing at the big drum: BLOOD BOWL CLASSIC is about to happen.
Here, the best teams meet and the bigest sponsors brings the cash, the money really pours out of the sponsors pockets and everyone gets a piece.

And well, in direct contrast to that, the Timble Cup is played in The Moot, a wonderfully laid-back minor tournament where organization is not the top priority.
But around the rough stadium the people gather for a party, maybe not a party full of glory as the BLOOD BOWL CLASSIC, but Nuffle doesn't count money anyway.
A win is a win. A kill is a kill, but......

In the Elvish Kingdom of Hoeth, in Ulthuan, there is a cup, one that focuses as much on finesse as it does on scoring touchdowns.
They are strange those elves, suiting up for running and passing. Too soft tournament for some, but if you want, pack up your cozy clothes and bring your favorite thrower and pass the ball.......
then well go to Hoeth!

Finally, a Rookie league opens for completely new teams, 4-5 in challenge mode matches. A laid back league where everyone can meet everyone.
When the playoffs for the other leagues begin, the meetings in the rookie league are summed up and the top two teams face off in a final.

There are also rumors of a delightfully bashful Saturday in April, more of that comes later!

So put on your gold pants or rags and roll up your sleeves and inflate your balls, because now it's Blood Bowling time!

This is Helga Hellfist reporting for Malmö Bloodsports
- chgadd
Feb. 16th, 2024 - old news
Season five, bye bye!
Jikes,,, this season ends with the entire league being overrun with warpstone, it´s everywhere you look. Congratulations Thornpear Warpslingerz and of course the minor winner Mummified Freshness.
But Thornpear Warpslingerz dominates both the standings and the individual lists this time around. Best scorer Snikk-snikk Three-Eye, best passer Kreet Warpspitter and most casualty inflictor Scabpest Warphorn.
This is probably the most dominant victory to date in the modern history of the MBBL.
But luck like that doesn't last forever, not even when it´s powered by warpstone.
Because now we look forward to that a new exciting season begins. And it contains the most glorious tournament in the world as the headliner:
THE BLOOD BOWL CLASSIC. Every players wet dream, is to get that medal.

More news about the upcoming season coming soon!

This is Helga Hellfist reporting for Malmö Bloodsports
- chgadd
Jan. 20th, 2024 - old news
Time to wrap the FINALS with a BANG!
The time has come........ The Chaos Cup finals will be set up soon and WOW it´s a very varied starting line-up.
Haunted Hill Hornets is just gaining steam and you can imagine that all the bookmakers in the Old world have them as favourites.
The only team that even came close playing them is GreenLeanMean, and that match was extra interesting because they managed to bury one of the mummies in Haunted Hill Hornets permanently.
Tatooines United is the team standing in the way of GreenLeanMean's chance to take down Haunted Hill Hornets from the throne.
But in that team the huge and surprisingly agile Treeman Kalvuhax III stand tall and leads his desert-loving haflings in combat, so it's going to be a tough match.
The second semi will be a repeat of the last league match of the season between Haunted Hill Hornets and Thornpear Warpslingerz and with that match still in their memory, maybe Thornpear Warpslingerz has worked out a new strategy.
Everything is possible, Nuffle always has the last word!
But before that begins, Thornpear Warpslingerz has another task around the corner. The finale in Naggaroth - knives, cold and a hungry darkelf team Executioners of Exemplary Expertise.

But now let´s not forget the minor in Syvania. The final there is also underway and it will be an interesting clash of to different playing styles.
A bouncy and agile team that rushed forward through the season against a hard-hitting but unusually fresh team that showed that there is glamor in the catacombs.
Mummified Freshness and Tekila Titans who will handle the pressure! Only Nuffle knows!

The season nears the end.
Holy Nuffle, let the TDs and the blood flow!

This is Helga Hellfist reporting for Malmö Bloodsports
- chgadd
Dec. 7th, 2023 - old news
WHAM and he´s back in the sarcophagus......
Bim Bam Boom, a well taimed atack from Arvadh made a crack in the armour on Ted the hugger and the Mummiewrapping started to loose, and well we all now what happens when a Mummie loose his wrap.
So we finaly got a worthy contender for the´Worst Tackle of the year´ award in the match between Haunted Hill Hornets and GreenLeanMean.
Let´s see how long it stands........

Anti-Violence Watchdog Committee
- chgadd

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